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End User Awareness Workshop

Let Cybercraft help you by creating a user awareness workshop to develop internal cyber resilience.
End User Awareness Workshop

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If there is a breach in your organisation how would your staff handle it? If a crisis situation involving security occurred how will they handle it? Have your provided adequate training for your staff in the off chance a security breach occurred, and what the next steps are? So why do we ask about your staff? 

Your best asset in todays economy is your staff. They are moreover shockingly one of your biggest liabilities unless they are prepared within the legitimate ways to meet security compliance laws, unused controls and security occurrences. How your staff works with regards to the digitalised world is crucial for your organisation. 

Once your staff have received training from Cybercraft they will be capable of working through complex issues with no stress. They will understand the ways in which to handle a breach. And who to contact and what to do if a crisis situation occurs. Give Cybercraft a call and we will put a specialised training program together customised to your organisation to ensure your staff are fully prepared and at speed in protecting your data and meeting the legal requirements by todays privacy laws. 

People are far easier to hack, and are still the biggest risk 

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