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About Us

About Blue Anchor

Why an anchor? An anchor represents stability and groundedness. Without an anchor to hold a ship in its place, the ship would be subjected to the movement of the wind, tides, and sea, perhaps being taken off its course. But while an anchor represents stability, it also represents flexibility. Should a ship anchor itself in a location but later decides that it needs to be in another location, the captain simply raises the anchor and journeys on.

Image by Nias Nyalada
Anchor 1

When we are adrift in the sea of life, navigating the different challenges that we may face, there are times when we are presented with immense sources of pain. Pain that may elicit powerful urges to control or avoid our discomfort. At times like this, it sometimes benefits us to “drop our anchor”, rooting ourselves to “weather the storm”, while also affording us the psychological flexibility to “pull our anchor up” when we are ready to move in the direction of what matters most to us.

Blue Anchor Psychology seeks to assist individuals and couples learn to engage their painful experiences in ways that are more workable. The deeply rooted desire to have a sense of belonging, acceptance, and value may give us direction in life, but at times, the pain we struggle against results in losing our path towards our sense of purpose and meaning. We are here to walk the path with you in helping you work towards the life you desire. 

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Our Values

In the therapy experience, there are several important values and principles which contribute to a supportive and effective therapeutic environment for the people we serve. These values are foundational to who we are as clinicians. Some of Blue Anchor Psychology’s values include:

We are here to walk the path with you in helping you work towards the life you desire. 

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