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Anger Management Counseling Near Manhattan

Many people struggle with anger because of stress, life adjustments, hormonal imbalances, or other factors. Blue Anchor Psychology offers anger management counseling near Manhattan and the surrounding areas. Working with our professional therapists can help you identify the root cause of your anger and regain control over your life.

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We Offer Anger Management Counseling

Several factors can trigger uncontrollable anger and cause physical and emotional harm to yourself and those close to you. We will work closely with you through different therapeutic approaches, including:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Mindfulness

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy

  • Emotionally focused therapy

Whether you're dealing with anger because of relationship difficulties, sexual dysfunction, anxiety disorders, or another issue, we can help. Our therapists will offer emotional support and guidance so you can identify the source of your anger. We offer anger management counseling in a non-judgmental and genuine atmosphere. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions about our services if you have never had anger management counseling. Here are a few frequent questions we receive from potential clients. 

What Forms of Therapy Do You Use?


Our licensed psychologists have training in various forms of therapy. Some therapy forms include acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), sex therapy, and Gottman method couples therapy. Our therapists have a variety of training and experience in relational therapy, therapeutic approaches, dialectic behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. Each therapist intentionally selects the best approach for each client's needs.

How Long Are Counseling Sessions?


We customize the duration of our sessions based on each client's needs. Most sessions last around 45-60 minutes. Our couples' sessions may last longer. It's tough to determine how many total counseling sessions you will need. Some therapists will have a good idea during your initial counseling session. However, depending on your progress, they may increase or decrease the number of sessions later. We aim to help you recover so you feel anchored in your life. 

Can I Book a Session Today?


We are thrilled that you are considering the next steps toward recovery. We invite you to contact us to book a free phone consultation today. This consultation will help us match you with the best counselor to ensure we meet your mental health needs. We will schedule the following sessions for you once we connect you with the right therapist. Most therapists spend the first few sessions gathering information and learning more about you. This intentional process helps us personalize your therapy experience and improve our collaborative efforts. 

We Serve People Near Manhattan

Our therapists proudly offer services to people who live near Manhattan and the nearby areas. As one of the smallest boroughs in New York State, Manhattan is one of the main areas of tourism, real estate, and film. Residents and tourists enjoy the variety of culture, cuisine, and the arts.


Contact Us For Consultation

Blue Anchor Psychology near Manhattan can help if you're considering anger management counseling. Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.

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