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Cancer Counseling Near Manhattan

Dealing with cancer can feel discouraging and overwhelming. Blue Anchor Psychology offers cancer counseling near Manhattan to provide clients with emotional support and coping strategies as they navigate life with cancer.

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We Offer Cancer Counseling

A severe medical diagnosis like cancer comes with emotional, mental, and physical challenges. Psychotherapy services like cancer counseling provide clients with the support they need in an encouraging and relaxing atmosphere. Our services offer cancer clients:

  • Emotional support

  • A change to address trauma and grief

  • Guidance to improve their quality of life

  • Support for those recovering from cancer


Our compassionate and certified therapists understand that everyone has unique healthcare needs and deserves a personalized counseling approach. We have a team of dedicated and qualified therapists who play an essential role in supporting those suffering or recovering from cancer. If you’re seeking cancer counseling, we aim to provide consistent and compassionate support throughout your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Therapists

We receive many questions about our counseling services. Here are some frequent questions we answer for our clients. 

How Will Cancer Counseling Help Me?


Many people wonder how counseling will help them as they navigate the ups and downs of their diagnosis. Cancer counseling is more than offering a listening ear. We understand receiving a diagnosis is difficult to process, and we aim to help guide you. 

Our therapists also know experiencing life after recovery can feel emotionally stressful. We can help you cope with the painful side effects and other symptoms that accompany a cancer diagnosis. We can also guide you through the concerns of self-esteem, sex, relationship concerns, and more. 

What Types Of Therapy Do You Use?


Whether you’re struggling with the physical, emotional, or mental difficulties that come with cancer, our therapies can help. They are trained in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy, and relational and psychodynamic therapies. They also have experience in humanistic, personal-centered approaches and dialectic behavior. Our therapists often use a combination of treatments to provide the best experience for you. 

How Long Are the Counseling Sessions?


When it comes to therapy, slow and steady is best. Our practice does not work with insurance companies, allowing us to provide a wide range of services that best meet our clients’ needs. Our sessions are usually 45-60 minutes long. Therapists and clients work together to create a treatment program that meets specific needs and goals. We are here for as long as our clients need our support. 

We Serve People Near Manhattan

We are pleased to provide cancer counseling to people living near Manhattan, New York, and the nearby areas. Manhattan is one of several boroughs with a fascinating colonial history. Time Warner Center, Central Park, and the American Museum of Natural History are exciting attractions in the area.


Contact Us For Consultation

Our therapists are ready to offer support with cancer counseling services as you navigate a new season of life. Contact us today to book a consultation and let us be your anchor and help you gain control of your life.

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