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Couples Therapy Near Passaic

Couples therapy is a valuable journey that enhances your relationship. It improves communication, conflict resolution, and relationship strength. A skilled therapist can help you and your partner understand each other and improve communication. You may also find solutions to your relationship's challenges. A qualified therapist provides a supportive space to work together to build a stronger connection.

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We Offer Couples Therapy Near Passaic

Couples therapy proves to be beneficial for couples facing various challenges, including: 


  • Communication problems

  • Conflict resolution problems

  • Trust issues

  • Infidelity

  • Sexual problems

  • Financial problems

  • Parenting problems

  • Life transitions


Couples therapy is valuable for addressing these challenges in a supportive environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About OCD Therapy

People often wonder about the practical aspects of couples therapy. Before starting, individuals often have questions. They want to understand the process and set expectations.
Below are a few of the most common questions we hear.

How long will the therapy typically last?


Estimating the total therapy duration before an initial assessment is challenging. Once the intake process is complete, your therapist can give you an idea of the therapeutic process. They can also provide a general picture of how long it might take.

Does your office accept insurance?


While we don't accept insurance practice-wide, many insurance plans provide out-of-network benefits. You'll receive session receipts with diagnosis and billing codes. You can submit them to your insurance company for potential reimbursement. Dr. Gabriella Nissan accepts Aetna, Oxford, United Healthcare, and Optum.

How long does each couples therapy session last?


Intake sessions for individuals usually last 60 minutes. Couples' intake sessions are 90 minutes. Regular individual therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes. Couples sessions are around 60 minutes. The therapist and the client can mutually agree to adjust the session length. The overall treatment duration is tailored to each person's unique goals. The treatment plan is crafted together.

We Serve People Who Live Near Passaic

When considering couples therapy near Passaic and the surrounding areas, finding the right therapist for your needs is essential. In Passaic, you can also explore attractions such as the scenic Dundee Island Park. The culturally rich Lambert Castle Museum is there, too. Both provide a conducive backdrop for relationship growth and exploration.


Contact Us For Consultation

Ready to strengthen your relationship? At Blue Anchor Psychology, we specialize in couples therapy. Take the first step towards a stronger, healthier connection. Schedule your session today and invest in the growth of your relationship. We have two offices, one in New York, NY and one in River Edge, NJ. If you are interested in making an appointment, please call

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