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Female Sexual Dysfunction Near Passaic

Chronic pain, low libido, or the inability to orgasm can create tension in any relationship and make women feel less confident. At Blue Anchor Psychology, we offer help for female sexual dysfunction near Passaic, NJ, and the nearby areas. Seeking professional help to navigate the emotions and symptoms behind this issue can improve relationships and overall health.

New York City Couples Therapist

We Can Help You Manage Female Sexual Dysfunction

Issues surrounding sex are not easy for any woman to share, especially with a stranger. Whether the issues relate to desire, arousal, pain, or orgasm, working with an experienced therapist can provide a solution for a better way forward. There are several types of female dysfunction, which can range from mild to severe and can impact relationships:

  • Female orgasmic disorder - recurring difficulty in reaching orgasm

  • Arousal/interest disorder - persistent lack of arousal or interest in sex

  • Vaginismus - involuntary spasms of the pelvic floor muscles

  • Dyspareunia - constant genital pain during sexual intercourse


Several factors contribute to sexual dysfunction in females, requiring a unique and personalized approach to treatment. Our therapists aim to create a compassionate and welcoming atmosphere where females can process their concerns surrounding sexual dysfunction. We use a multidimensional approach to help women recover, so they can restore relationships and enjoy sex again.

Frequently Asked Questions

We work alongside other medical professionals to help enhance mental health and well-being. If you have questions about our services, we are happy to answer them. 

How Can You Help Me Recover From Female Sexual Dysfunction?


If you’re experiencing various symptoms of sexual dysfunction, a therapist can help you process the mental and physical symptoms that accompany this issue. We understand that many situations require women’s health therapy, medical interventions, and lifestyle recommendations to facilitate recovery. We aim to help women improve their self-esteem and provide therapeutic support as they navigate these complex challenges.  

What Kind Of Therapy Do You Use?


Our therapists have experience and training in a wide range of therapy methods, including sex therapy and Gottman couples therapy. They also have training in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). Our diverse training background includes humanistic and person-centered approaches and dialectic behavior therapy. We use other therapeutic modalities, such as relational and psychodynamic therapy. 

How Long Are Therapy Sessions?


Most therapy sessions last approximately 45-60 minutes. You can expect your initial session to last at least 60-90 minutes as we learn more about your mental health needs and goals. Your therapist will work closely with you to determine the best timeframe for future sessions. 

We Help Females Near Passaic

Our team is happy to serve females near Passaic, New Jersey, and the nearby cities. Passaic is part of Passaic County, the state’s 16th most populated city. We see clients at 1060 Main Street, Suite 205, River Edge, NJ 07661.


Contact Us For Consultation

We are here to help you move toward the life you desire. Contact Blue Anchor Psychology near Passaic, NJ, today for help with female sexual dysfunction. We look forward to supporting your mental health journey.

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