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Infidelity Counseling Near Manhattan

If you're a victim of infidelity, you may experience feelings of shame, grief, and hurt. Blue Anchor Psychology offers infidelity counseling near Manhattan to provide a safe and trusting atmosphere where you can work toward healing in your relationship.

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We Offer Infidelity Counseling

Experiencing unfaithfulness in a relationship can affect all aspects of life, not just in your relationship. We offer infidelity counseling to facilitate healing in your relationship through:

  • Open communication

  • Addressing emotions

  • Uncovering underlying issues

  • Identifying unhealthy patterns

  • Working through betrayal

  • Setting healthy boundary

  • Establishing goals

  • Rebuilding trust


Healing from infidelity takes time and patience. Our licensed therapists are committed to helping you work through the situation in a non-judgemental and compassionate atmosphere. You don't have to handle your feelings alone. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Infidelity Counseling

If you have questions about infidelity counseling, our team is here to answer them. Here are a few common questions we answer on this topic. 

What Are the Benefits of Infidelity Counseling?


It's never easy to work through a serious issue like infidelity. However, our therapists have the training and experience to help both parties uncover the underlying issues surrounding the situation and the emotions that follow. These counseling sessions help encourage communication, understand emotional disconnection, address negative feelings, and ultimately work toward healing. Clients must know that healing takes time, and the process may initially feel awkward. Our therapists can help you work through the uncomfortable feelings and move toward a place of healing. 

What Forms of Therapy Do You Use?


We use several forms of therapy that help clients work through different mental health issues. Our therapists have a wide range of training in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and the Gottman method couples therapy. The Gottman method aims to help couples work through their emotional and communication issues and improve their relationship. Our therapists can help determine the best method for infidelity counseling based on your unique relationship needs.  

How Many Sessions of Infidelity Counseling Will I Need?


The duration and length of infidelity counseling sessions are different for every couple. Most couples better understand how many sessions will be needed after the therapist completes the counseling intake. The intake process helps the therapist determine your exact needs and the form of therapy that will best serve your needs. 

We Serve People Near Manhattan

We are happy to bring our counseling services to Manhattan and the nearby areas. Manhattan is part of the New York metropolitan area, and is known as the world's entertainment capital. Many famous sites are located here, including Central Park, The High Line, and the Empire State Building.


Contact Us For Consultation

You don’t have to suffer from the aftermath of infidelity alone. Contact Blue Anchor Psychology near Manhattan today and let us help you work through your emotions with infidelity counseling. We are ready to listen and help you find healing. Contact us today. We look forward to working with you.

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