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Infidelity Counseling Near Passaic

Betrayal can make you feel powerless as you wrestle with feelings of guilt, shame, or distrust. Blue Anchor Psychology has a team of compassionate and certified therapists who offer infidelity counseling near Passaic, New Jersey, and the nearby cities. We aim to provide a welcoming space where you can share your thoughts and feelings as you work through the healing process. 

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We Help Heal Relationships With Infidelity Counseling

If the act of betrayal has hurt you, we understand the stress and frustration of mending your relationships. While it’s hard to share the details of this trauma with a stranger, it can help couples process the event and begin healing. Our therapists provide a safe and encouraging atmosphere that allows couples to:

  • Discover and understand the underlying issues leading to infidelity

  • Facilitate open communication

  • Rebuild trust

  • Express emotions

  • Identify hidden or compulsive behaviors

  • Learn new coping skills

  • Set relationship boundaries


Recovering from this type of trauma takes time, and every person will have a different healing journey. Infidelity counseling is a helpful resource for couples who have suffered from betrayal and want to work through this life-altering event. We use a variety of therapy methods to help people discover the cause of infidelity, process the details, and openly share their experiences for optimal healing. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Infidelity Counseling

Many people do not want to discuss infidelity because they feel shame, guilt, or hopelessness. We understand how these feelings can affect all areas of your life, and we are here to help.

What Is Infidelity Counseling?


Infidelity counseling, or couples therapy, is a type of counseling that helps couples work through the details of betrayal in their relationship. Counseling is essential for lasting mental health results for both parties as they work toward healing. 

How Can Infidelity Counseling Help Us?


Many people wonder how talking about their relationship issues can help their relationship. Infidelity counseling is a safe and effective solution for couples to uncover hidden behaviors or repressed feelings that can trigger betrayal in a relationship. We provide a compassionate and supportive environment where couples can explore pain, lack of communication, or trust issues that lead to or result from infidelity. We aim to help you rebuild trust and work toward reconciliation. 

Who Can Benefit From Infidelity Counseling?


We offer support and guidance for couples who have suffered from infidelity. Counseling provides structure and advice as a therapist helps couples work and process the details of their trauma. Our therapist can also help couples handle the challenges and emotions after betrayal. 

We Serve People Near Passaic

Our team is happy to counsel people near Passaic, NJ, and the surrounding cities. Passaic has over 70,000 residents and is close to Wallington, Garfield, and Clifton. The town is about 20 minutes from our office in River Edge.


Contact Us For Consultation

If you’re suffering from the effects of infidelity, you don’t have to deal with this event alone. We invite you to contact Blue Anchor Psychology near Passaic, NJ, today. Our office is at 1060 Main Street, Suite 205, River Edge, NJ 07661.

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