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Sex Therapist Near Manhattan

If you’re experiencing a sexual dysfunction like low libido, pain during sex, or performance difficulties, you can find help and resolution. Scheduling help with a sex therapist at Blue Anchor Psychology near Manhattan, NY, can help you identify the root cause and begin healing. Whether you’re dealing with emotional or physical pain, or feeling a relationship detachment, our experts can help you recover.

New York City Couples Therapist

We Offer Sex Therapy

At Blue Anchor Psychology, we offer sex therapy and aim to help you heal from the pain causing the sexual dysfunction. We understand low libido can cause a strain on your health, wellness, and relationships. A sex therapist can help you identify and recover from whatever is causing sexual dysfunction, including:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Mental health concerns

  • Physical ailments

  • Current medications

  • Relational issues

  • Performance difficulties


We believe sex is a healthy and natural part of life, and pursuing treatment can help restore your health and relationships. Sex therapy gives people the tools to improve and enjoy their sex life. Whether you have decreased libido, painful intercourse, performance difficulties, or another issue, we can help. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Therapists

Most people are hesitant to go to a sex therapist because of the private nature of what they are experiencing. Here are a few commonly asked questions that people want to know before booking with a professional to help them work through their sexual dysfunction.

What Does a Sex Therapist Do?

A sex therapist is a qualified, experienced counselor who can help guide you through your sexual problems. Our licensed therapists have the qualifications and experience to listen and give you the tools to unlock the mental, emotional, or physical pain that interferes with your sex life.

How Can a Sex Therapist Help Me?

Many people struggle with their sex life at some point. Although some people can help themselves, others can benefit from sex therapy to help them identify the root cause and move forward to find enjoyment and fulfillment. 

A sex therapist can help you with sexual dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction, painful intercourse, low libido, ejaculation, inability to orgasm, or other sexual difficulties. Physical, mental, and emotional factors can derail your sex life. Through various talk therapy tools, you will learn what is preventing you from achieving sexual satisfaction. 

Are the Therapy Sessions Confidential?

Yes. Every therapy session is private and confidential. While you may have a session on your own, we may recommend bringing your partner as well, especially if there is relationship detachment. Talking about and exploring deeply rooted issues can help uncover the source of the sexual issue and help you find healing.

We Serve People Near Manhattan

Our team is proud to serve the residents of Manhattan, NY and the nearby areas. Manhattan is one of the smallest boroughs in the area and is surrounded by the Hudson, Harlem, and East Rivers. The Empire State Building and Central Park are popular attractions near Manhattan.


Contact Us For Consultation

You don’t have to feel alone when struggling with sexual problems because we are here to help. Contact our office for a consultation today. We will schedule an appointment with a sex therapist and help you begin your journey to a fulfilling life.

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