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Trauma Counseling Near Manhattan

Are you experiencing the ongoing effects of trauma? The team at Blue Anchor Psychology offers a wide range of mental health services, including trauma counseling, to people near Manhattan, New York, and the nearby areas. Working with a certified and professional therapist can help you recover and gain control over your life.

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We Offer Trauma Counseling

You may feel overwhelmed or emotionally trapped if you’re dealing with physical, mental, emotional, or other trauma. Our team works with many people who have experienced the effects of disturbing events, stress, or other forms of trauma, including:

  • Psychological

  • Sexual

  • Developmental 

  • Complex

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Historical

  • Medical

We understand certain types of trauma will have different effects on everyone. That is why our therapists customize services to meet your unique needs, ensuring you can work holistically toward recovery. You can contact our office anytime to ask about the benefits of our trauma counseling services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are familiar with counseling services or have questions, we are ready to help. Here are a few common questions we receive from our clients. 

How Will Trauma Counseling Help Me?


Many people question if they genuinely need counseling and how to determine whether a therapist is a good fit for them. Everyone can benefit from counseling, especially when dealing with an underlying issue triggering various symptoms like anxiety, depression, or insomnia. Before choosing a therapist, you should consider their training and treatment options. We use different forms of treatment to help uncover the root cause of your trauma so you can begin healing and enjoy life again.

Do You Accept Insurance?


Our practice understands the importance of receiving coverage for mental health services. However, we provide a concierge approach to mental health rather than working directly with insurance companies. This approach allows you to select the services that meet your needs and spend the time you need with your therapist without insurance regulations. If your insurance offers mental health benefits, we can provide you with a receipt to submit for reimbursement. 

What Do I Need to Get Started?


If you’re ready to start, contact us for a free phone consultation today. During this consultation, we will learn more about your unique counseling needs and how we can help you. You will also learn more about us and if our practice is a good fit for you.

We Serve People Near Manhattan

Our team of professional therapists is proud to offer counseling services to people who live near Manhattan and the nearby areas. Manhattan is one of the smallest boroughs in New York, with a rich colonial history. If you live near this area, you may enjoy the many landmarks, including the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.


Contact Us For Consultation

Blue Anchor Psychology near Manhattan is ready to answer your call and schedule a consultation today. Contact us to determine if trauma counseling services are right for you.

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